Next Generation website

Next Generation website

The transition from 65 local sites into 18.

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Preperation Stage

A/B-testing new design

A/B-testing Licence Renewal

Developing a new design for our Licence Renewal section & A/B testing it against the current design of Licence Renewal Center. The users were seperated to between different version by redirections.

The design was later introduced in the Next-Generation website with an improved compare table.

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Buyblock for small businesses

Building buyblock

Buyblock was developed to handle a wider range of pack-options for our Small to Medium Business products. The buyblock allowed the user to key-up to buy a specific amount or entering a number manually. This as dropdown or radio would not be a valid option.

The buyblock was later on moved and used on our Next Generation website, and is now used as a standard on our Small Businesses products.

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Execution Stage

Execution of Next Generation site

Executing Business-to-Customer Section

My main task was to manage and develop the Business-to-Customer section. Creating anything from product pages, product-overview, download pages and the logic behind the help-me-choose-tool.

Responsibility for a standardized and ease-of-use CMS structure on Business-to-Customer section upon agreed flexibility to reach marketing and sales goals.