Improving the Search Engine Result

Improving the Search Engine Result

Benefiting from's rich snippet on your website

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General Benefits of Schema Microdata is a micro-data markup shared across the majority of the leading search engines, such as Google, Yandex. As an example with micro-data, we can help the search engine to understand that your time and dates as it can be a huge struggle for the search engine to interpret correctly. This due to time-zones but also how it’s formatted around the world. E.g. dd/mm/yyyy is the proper outcome in Great Britain, while mm/dd/yyyy is in the US and in Finland d/m/yyyy may be used. By using micro-data we can make sure it interprets the data correct and hand relevant data to the users.

Google has claimed that schema micro-data doesn't helping your search ranking. However, you're improving your websites rich snippet while using micro-data, which in the end can improve your SERP and increase the click-through rates!

The impact on SEO and SERP

At Kaspersky microdata markup was used to our advantage mainly on our product pages where I’ve been involved rolling out microdata across our Marketing websites. The result of using microdata improved the SERP with a rich snippet showing the aggregate rating; the average rating from our users, amount of users and the price.